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Mila's Medley is a blacked owned company based in Toronto that specializes in natural, therapeutic, plant-based products. These healing herbs will allow you to soak in and inhale positivity while exhaling to expel negativity.

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Mila's Medley was nothing short of amazing! From the customer service, to the packaging, everything was done precise and to the absolute tee. I personally enjoyed the written instructions included with the product as well as the fast turn around time from the set date I had ordered my product. I would most definitely be ordering again as I feel like this business is worth the investment.

- Avianne C.

Okay first round done! Took me a while, but had time finally. First facial steam ever. It was quite the unique experience! I was able to breathe just fine, and I took my time under the towel. Then within a few minutes, I felt my face dripping. I felt a sense of cool, calmness and then felt my face starting to tighten when the normal air dried it. Excited to try it again in 7 days. Love the scent that comes from it also!

- Keisha

The first thing about Mila's Medley products is that you can feel the love right away. There is mindful energy invested in combining the plants, and I believe this is what I felt the most. I loved the aroma, relaxing scent and the goodness of plant infused steam. My skin was tender, I've noticed my pores closing up and I am happy to say that this has become a regular part of my self care ritual. I will continue to nurture myself with Mila's Medley. Blessings.

- Matea Saba

Thank you so much the card with your handwriting was so sweet. I gave half to my mom because she has the endometriosis I only get strong cramps but she loved it and she said it helped her with pain so thank you 🙏🏽
- Alexandera Campos